It is still February, but here in Charleston, SC, weather is like spring. My daffodiles are blooming and tulips are ready to bloom. In a month or so my back yard will be covered with all kind of flowers. I love it!

I found a few large frames I purchased decades ago. They are large and heavy. I do not remember why I was interested in those, but obviously I did not use any of them. When I was looking at those large frames, I thought that I might paint one just for one of those frames. Not a good motivation, but it can be fun.

This painting looked ok when I saw the actual painting. But on screen those flower pedals look like plastic sheets. Since I started to paint the larger size painting with the apple flowers today, I need to work on the textures and edges. When I work with acrylic, the edges becomes a major problem. It is quite hard or almost impossible to mix the colors on the paper surface. Creating the effect of soft edges becomes one of the big challenges for me. See what will happen in my next work.

Acrylic on Illustration Board   5″ x 6″

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