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Almost Summer

We were sitting in our screened porch with a cup of coffee this morning. It was and is such a glorious morning. Everything is fresh and happy. Nice beginning of the summer? Acrylic on Illustration Board   6″ x 8″

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Eden’s Climbing Rose

These roses are so beautiful that I had to paint one more time. It is Spring now. Acrylic on Illustration Board.  8″ x 6″

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Rainy Night

It is raining outside. It is more like a storm. Tree branches are wildly moving from one way to the other. But inside of our house is quiet. I just made a cup of strong Darjeeling tea and sitting in … Continue reading

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Spring Morning

The warm sunlight shining on the white rose with cool crimson red is the most refreshing feeling I get from the nature in Spring morning. Red I see on the leaves and stems are warm, but flower pedals are always … Continue reading

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Color combinations

I showed this image to a computer animation instructor yesterday. He did not figure out it was a computer generated image or a painting at the first glance.  Good!  Because I applied the high saturated hues and high contrasted values … Continue reading

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Ink bottles

Oh…. Ink bottles! Acrylic on Illustration board

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Aimez-vous Brahms?

When I was high school to college student, I had to take a train for one and a half hour each way to go to school. Of course there was no iPod or even a walkman was not available. So … Continue reading

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It was cold and severe weather we had this year. When my cherry tree bloomed so magnificently, I was owed by the cycle of the seasons. It is finally Spring! The delicate flowers are opened and brought us such a … Continue reading

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Red Bottle

This handblown bottle is just over 100 years old. A silversmith covered this bottle with silver and cut out the pattern. It is just a gorgeous piece. As soon as I saw this in one of the antique store, I … Continue reading

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