Aimez-vous Brahms?

When I was high school to college student, I had to take a train for one and a half hour each way to go to school. Of course there was no iPod or even a walkman was not available. So we read a lot of books during our commute…mostly not intellectual…..mystery. Those days also French and Italian movies as well as novels were quite popular among young adults. I was one of them.  “French and Italian”, those words themselves were fascinating and exotic at that time. “Aimez-vous Brahms?” is one of the books I read and remember only the title. I am sure that is a French mystery-romance. Anyway, when I saw this tin lady with a violin, I thought about Brahms. I am more like a Pollini’s Chopin type. But a violin is good. Since I have an old camera and a toy Cadillac, this setting was simple. Also I thought about young me having a good time. That is good. Time Machine again!

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