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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

I am reading and learning the history of Charleston, SC. Its history is quite interesting. But the more I read about books and articles, the more I feel about the real people lived there. What we see there are the remains … Continue reading

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October Twilight

Sometimes making up the image is quite fun. Especially after you worked on very detailed realistic images. Pick up a charcoal pencil and start applying the marks. After I finished the drawing, I decided to make a painting out of this image. … Continue reading

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What will be next?

I woke up in the morning and had a cup of coffee. Then I drew the eggshells. I need to find something interesting to paint or draw. Graphite on Bristol 8.5″ x 4″

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Illustration for the Children’s book

This is an illustration piece. I think that this image is good for a children’s book, like “Grandmother goes to the downtown”. The way I paint which is tight and details oriented is good for story telling. Unfortunately I do … Continue reading

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Gold Leaf

I found an image I like to paint. Then I decided to do a preliminary drawing which I do quite often. When I looked into the pencil box, I found some charcoal pencils, a white and two brown conte … Continue reading

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Fine day in Holodeck

I really love to go out and paint the nature instead of looking at a photograph. But when I think about the equipments, heat, people, and uncomfortable way of painting, I just sigh. In Star Trek there was a incredible … Continue reading

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There is a small but very nice toy store on the King Street, downtown Charleston. We happened to park our car right in front of this store. Of course, I needed to go inside. There were so many cool toys in … Continue reading

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