Filing method

I am thinking about starting a landscape painting today. One image is in my mind. Problem is I do not know where it is. I have a filing method which I changed many times….it means I do not know where it is! I am going to have a cup of tea and start looking for it.

Acrylic on wood panel 8″ x 6″

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Virtual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Art

Piccolo Spoleto show was fun and great. Now Virtual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Art started. This show is totally virtual and will last until this Sunday. Since I do not have many paintings for this show, I am still painting. I just finished this image. I am going to finish another one sometime tomorrow. I started to feel like a painting machine.

Acrylic on wood panel 7″ x 5″

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Angel Oak

There is a huge oak tree in John’s Island, SC. Some people say it is 600 years old. Other people say it is over 1000 years. It does not matter how old it is. When I go under this tree, I feel the magical power of timeless tree. It is just magnificent!

Acrylic on wood panel 24″ x 12″

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Red Bottle

I found this bottle at one of the antique stores in Summerville. I haven’t had any red bottle so I was very excited when I saw this red one sitting on the shelf among other bottles. But soon I realized Red is very dominant color compared with other antique bottles’ colors. Before mixing with other bottles, I painted it without its friends. Next I will try with others.

Acrylic on wood panel 5″ x 5″

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Spring in South

As soon as summer starts, it becomes very hard to enjoy the outdoor living. But during the spring, South Carolina is the most heavenly place to be. You see all kind of flowers everywhere and birds are singing all day long. Nice breeze and soft sunlight cheer up my mind.

Acrylic on Wood Panel 10″ x 8″

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Fountain of Youth

I think I finished this block. I like to add more markings, but if I do, the image will be very confusing. So I need to stop. Now I like to print this block and see if the image actually works or not. Unfortunately I used up all my paper for Spolet show and ordered paper I like on last Friday. Dick Brick said that I need to wait until tomorrow. OK…but I am ready to print!

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I start working on nature scenery beside landscape. This is a little sketch with acrylic. I need to go out and check out what is going on outside of my comfortable AC controlled room. But I will never be able to be an enthusiastic outdoor person. Watching the beauty of the nature on screen or at most in my backyard is my kind. But somebody recommended me to try the wildlife show, I need to figure out what I can do with the wild life surrounding me. My cats are totally domesticated and thinking they will be human beings when they grow up. My dogs are already thinking themselves as people. I might go to the nearby pond and take some pictures of ducks. But they are also very friendly and I do not see any wildness in them. May be I can fined some chikens!

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Scattered mind

I started a new painting as soon as I finished the one I posted yesterday. It is nice to have a husband who is off from his work during the summer and loves to cook. Thank you! I did not do anything but painting for past few days. Also I started cleaning my work area this morning. I found many odd things which I totally forgot about. This wood engraving block is one of those things. I stopped this image almost one year ago because I did not know what to do with it. Now I look at this block with rather detached eye and think finishing it. I also start working with digital drawing and sequential art. Also I am working on my web site for Central Pennsylvania art show which is all on-line. Wow I am multitasking! or rather scattered mind.

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Spolet was a fun show in Charleston, SC. Every person I met was delightful. But It is over. I am ready to move onto the new projects. Central Pensilvania show will start soon and I have not prepared anything yet. Since it is an online show, I am going to reopen my shop in my website and add my works today. If you have a time, please visit my website.

This is an image I have just finished this morning. It is colorful and happy painting. I will start a new still life today for this coming show. I also order some regingrave block for wood engraving. It will be a busy summer. I love it!

Acrylic on woodpanel 10″ x 10″

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When I was watching an old Hollywood movie, I was wondered to see a large caravan leading to the desert oasis. All kind of stuffs are carried by many porters and the main characters are just sit on the camels and have a wonderful cup of tea when they stop. I like that! I would like to go out and paint landscape outside if somebody carry all my stuff and prepare my tea and a slice of cake when I get tired. My landscape painting will be heavenly present. What am I dreaming about!!! I have only a week and a half till Spoleto Festival starts. Let’s keep working!

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