Magnolia Garden

Spring in the Magnolia Garden is spectacular. Especially the Azaleas are fully blooming now. Compared with the calm Cameras in the winter, they are very noisy flowers. I could almost hear they are chattering away their gossips.

Acrylic on wooden panel 20″ x 24″

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Spring is almost here. I feel it!

Acrylic on Wooden Panel. 24″ x 24″

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Process works

When I start painting, I usually go through my photo files to find some images which inspires me to construct the compositions. I hardly make thumbnails on my sketchbook any more. Instead I crop and combine several images using Photoshop and create the several versions of the possible images to narrow down the candidates for the final. Of course the image will change along with the development of the painting, but through this process I start to see the final outcome.

It is just after 5 o’clock in the morning and raining outside. I made a cup of coffee and ready to create the thumbnails for my new painting. It will be a good day.

Acrylic on Board. 20″ x 30″


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Rainy morning

It is a quiet morning. Weather forecast said it will be raining all day. Nice! I am alone in my studio and will paint all day.

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China Girl

I found this China girl at one of the antique stores many years ago. I fell in love with this tiny figurine in the first sight. This doll represents the old China which never existed but in my head. I have never been in China, but somehow I created dream like perfect China in my brain. I think it is OK to ignore all history and facts and create a new nation. It is my dream after all.

Acrylic on wooden panel. 6″ x 6″

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Getting into fall

All summer the hummingbirds were so busy collecting the sweet water in front of my studio. This morning I realized that they were not visiting the feeder any more. It is already fall now. Yes, it is still hot outside, but the summer is definitely over. I love all seasons, but I like the feeling of getting into the new season best.

Acrylic on Wooden Board. 7″ x 5″

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This is such a beautiful bouquet. I had so much fun painting this image.

Acrylic on Wooden board. 11″ x 14″

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It is hard to decide what to paint. I usually scratch my head and mutter something. I always have a hard time what to do next. But this time it was easier for me to put together this still life. This is all because of the accident which happened a few weeks ago. When I was cleaning the gutter, I fell from the top of the ladder. I am usually a very careful person. But the sudden thunder and lightning took my balance off from me. Fortunately I fell on the hibiscus bush/tree and was saved from breaking any bones… just bruises and scratches. Of course unfortunate hibiscus lost many brunches and flowers. Any way I stayed in my bed the rest of the day thinking …. if I were a kid this never happened… and thinking about my mother. It does not matter how old people become, sometimes we all need our mothers. So, I selected my mother’s pearl necklaces and a queen like figurine, which is always kept on my desk top. I feel like she controls all my everyday desktop chores. If my mother sees this, I am sure she will be amused and laugh at me.

Acrylic on board 12″ x 12″

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Piccolo Spoleto Festival

Piccolo Spoleto Show was over. 17 days of Southern sun and rain storms were tough, but this show is always good for me. I was surrounded with wonderful friends and good people. I also received “the Best of Show”. What else I can expect? Well….our economy has been suffering for a while and people do not like to spend their money on anything but food and gas. But it is OK..we will survive this turmoil. I will keep painting.

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I know this image has a compositional problem. The upper part is separated into two sections. I thought about fixing it. But I changed my mind and left it alone. This is simply representing me. Good side & not so good side as well as simplicity & complexity of my mind … I need to be corrected, guided, and educated to be a balanced human being worth breathing the air. Or I just do not want to change the image!

Acrylic on wooden panel. 12″ x 24″

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