Spring Morning

The warm sunlight shining on the white rose with cool crimson red is the most refreshing feeling I get from the nature in Spring morning. Red I see on the leaves and stems are warm, but flower pedals are always cool in this rose. However, when you look at this same rose in the afternoon, those cool color disappears and all flowers turn into most delightful warm beauty. Wonder of Spring!

Acrylic on Illustration board. 6.5″ x 9″

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Color combinations

I showed this image to a computer animation instructor yesterday. He did not figure out it was a computer generated image or a painting at the first glance.  Good!  Because I applied the high saturated hues and high contrasted values deliberately to simulate the computer coloring. These days people are used to see those dramatic combinations for all kinds of images and pay less and less attentions to the subtle approach toward image makings. I wanted to see how people react to see those coloring in a simple painting.  My students liked it. It became more like a Disney forest, but I enjoy painting, too!

Acrylic on Illustration Board. 12″ x 6″

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Ink bottles

Oh…. Ink bottles!

Acrylic on Illustration board

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Aimez-vous Brahms?

When I was high school to college student, I had to take a train for one and a half hour each way to go to school. Of course there was no iPod or even a walkman was not available. So we read a lot of books during our commute…mostly not intellectual…..mystery. Those days also French and Italian movies as well as novels were quite popular among young adults. I was one of them.  “French and Italian”, those words themselves were fascinating and exotic at that time. “Aimez-vous Brahms?” is one of the books I read and remember only the title. I am sure that is a French mystery-romance. Anyway, when I saw this tin lady with a violin, I thought about Brahms. I am more like a Pollini’s Chopin type. But a violin is good. Since I have an old camera and a toy Cadillac, this setting was simple. Also I thought about young me having a good time. That is good. Time Machine again!

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It was cold and severe weather we had this year. When my cherry tree bloomed so magnificently, I was owed by the cycle of the seasons. It is finally Spring! The delicate flowers are opened and brought us such a delight. Now flowers are replaced by the new green of leaves and waiting for the summer. Who said that January 1st is the first day of the year? This is the beginning of the beautiful year!

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Red Bottle

This handblown bottle is just over 100 years old. A silversmith covered this bottle with silver and cut out the pattern. It is just a gorgeous piece. As soon as I saw this in one of the antique store, I fell in love with this perfect  form. This is one of a few paintings with silver background which works…I think.


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I set this still life yesterday and started painting this morning. I was not sure if I could finish this today. But the patterns of this glass are so beautiful and fascinating that I forgot about taking a break and ended up with finishing it just now. After my tea time I am going back to my landscape which I am working on a few days.

Acrylic on Illustration Board. 5″ x 7″

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