It is hard to decide what to paint. I usually scratch my head and mutter something I myself do not even understand before I decide the image and composition. This still life was easy to put together. This is all because of the accident which happened a few week ago. When I was cleaning the gutter, I fell from the top of the ladder. I am usually a very careful person. But the sudden thunder and lightning took my balance off from me. Fortunately I fell on the hibiscus bush/tree and saved from breaking any bones… just bruises and scratches. Of course unfortunate hibiscus lost many brunches and flowers. Any way I stayed in my bed the rest of the day thinking about if I were a kid this never happened… and thinking about my mother. It does not matter how old people become, sometimes we all need our mothers. So, I selected my mother’s pearl necklaces and a queen like figurine, which is always keep my desktop in order like a desk goddess, and set this still life. If my mother sees this, I am sure she will be amused and laugh at me.

Acrylic on board 12″ x 12″

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Piccolo Spoleto Festival

Piccolo Spoleto Show was over. 17 days of Southern sun and rain storms were tough, but this show is always good for me. I was surrounded with wonderful friends and good people. I also received “the Best of Show”. What else I can expect? Well….our economy has been suffering for a while and people do not like to spend their money on anything but food and gas. But it is OK..we will survive this turmoil. I will keep painting.

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I know this image has a compositional problem. The upper part is separated into two sections. I thought about fixing it. But I changed my mind and left it alone. This is simply representing me. Good side & not so good side as well as simplicity & complexity of my mind … I need to be corrected, guided, and educated to be a balanced human being worth breathing the air. Or I just do not want to change the image!

Acrylic on wooden panel. 12″ x 24″

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Gold Leaf

I have a tendency to be obsessed by something. Gardening, photography, computer graphics are some of those. Since I worked hard on whatever I was fascinated, I became very good at those challenges in amateur level. Gold leaf is not one of them. I read many books and watched many tutorial videos. I am not good at it at all. A few days ago, I saw a beautiful drawing created by a young female artist with multimedia including gold leaf. I was so impressed that I had to try it myself again. I made many thumbnails, and then took out all supplies….and could not do it! Instead, I painted this image. Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, and White were all I needed. Someday I will try again!

Acrylic on Wooden Panel 10″ x 10″

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Electric lines

This is the corner between Meeting and Calhoun streets, downtown Charleston. It is rare to see those electric lines in the sky these days. I was quite fascinated by the abstract quality in the design.

Wood engraving on Japanese paper 7″ x 5″

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Red Boat

George Innes seldom placed a human in his landscape paintings. But still there is always a sense of community. I realized that all my landscape paintings are also civilized one. They never be a wild scenery. Red boat! I will try to paint something wild. Can I do that? I live in a suburb not in a jungle.

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Morning light in early spring

Taking a walk early in the morning is wonderful. Especially in spring the air has still a crisp chill but anticipates the warm beautiful day. This is my favorite season in Charleston.

Acrylic on wooden panel. 12″ x 12″

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Time to paint

I was simply busy. I could have managed my time better. But I finally finished this image.

Acrylic on Wooden Board 24″ x 18″

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Working Progress

Very slow progress. This is just one third or a half way done I think. Spring break starts day after tomorrow, I am hoping that I will be able to finish this image soon.

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Yesterday I prepared several rather large wood panels. This 24″ x 18″ was one of them. It is supported rather thick support and very nice panel, but the surface was extremely rough for me. It needed to be sanded down for quite long time. When I was doing this boring process, the sun was shining on me and warm wind was heavenly talking to me. It was Spring and is Spring outside right now. I decided to paint flowers on this panel.

As the first step I like to cover the entire surface with the some medium value color with the basic map of the image. I do not like to see white background seeing through every time I place the color. White always create the dramatic contrast with any hues and deceive my eye. But I regret a little selecting Blue Green for the base color because Blue usually sneaking up the layers and makes the final image rather gloomy. Now I need to be very careful. I am going to work on this image today and see what will happen.

Acrylic wood panel. 24″ x 18

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