China Girl

I found this China girl at one of the antique stores many years ago. I fell in love with this tiny figurine in the first sight. This doll represents the old China which never existed but in my head. I have never been in China, but somehow I created dream like perfect China in my brain. I think it is OK to ignore all history and facts and create a new nation. It is my dream after all.

Acrylic on wooden panel. 6″ x 6″

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Getting into fall

All summer the hummingbirds were so busy collecting the sweet water in front of my studio. This morning I realized that they were not visiting the feeder any more. It is already fall now. Yes, it is still hot outside, but the summer is definitely over. I love all seasons, but I like the feeling of getting into the new season best.

Acrylic on Wooden Board. 7″ x 5″

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This is such a beautiful bouquet. I had so much fun painting this image.

Acrylic on Wooden board. 11″ x 14″

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It is hard to decide what to paint. I usually scratch my head and mutter something. I always have a hard time what to do next. But this time it was easier for me to put together this still life. This is all because of the accident which happened a few weeks ago. When I was cleaning the gutter, I fell from the top of the ladder. I am usually a very careful person. But the sudden thunder and lightning took my balance off from me. Fortunately I fell on the hibiscus bush/tree and was saved from breaking any bones… just bruises and scratches. Of course unfortunate hibiscus lost many brunches and flowers. Any way I stayed in my bed the rest of the day thinking …. if I were a kid this never happened… and thinking about my mother. It does not matter how old people become, sometimes we all need our mothers. So, I selected my mother’s pearl necklaces and a queen like figurine, which is always kept on my desk top. I feel like she controls all my everyday desktop chores. If my mother sees this, I am sure she will be amused and laugh at me.

Acrylic on board 12″ x 12″

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Piccolo Spoleto Festival

Piccolo Spoleto Show was over. 17 days of Southern sun and rain storms were tough, but this show is always good for me. I was surrounded with wonderful friends and good people. I also received “the Best of Show”. What else I can expect? Well….our economy has been suffering for a while and people do not like to spend their money on anything but food and gas. But it is OK..we will survive this turmoil. I will keep painting.

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I know this image has a compositional problem. The upper part is separated into two sections. I thought about fixing it. But I changed my mind and left it alone. This is simply representing me. Good side & not so good side as well as simplicity & complexity of my mind … I need to be corrected, guided, and educated to be a balanced human being worth breathing the air. Or I just do not want to change the image!

Acrylic on wooden panel. 12″ x 24″

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Gold Leaf

I have a tendency to be obsessed by something. Gardening, photography, computer graphics are some of those. Since I worked hard on whatever I was fascinated, I became very good at those challenges in amateur level. Gold leaf is not one of them. I read many books and watched many tutorial videos. I am not good at it at all. A few days ago, I saw a beautiful drawing created by a young female artist with multimedia including gold leaf. I was so impressed that I had to try it myself again. I made many thumbnails, and then took out all supplies….and could not do it! Instead, I painted this image. Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, and White were all I needed. Someday I will try again!

Acrylic on Wooden Panel 10″ x 10″

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Electric lines

This is the corner between Meeting and Calhoun streets, downtown Charleston. It is rare to see those electric lines in the sky these days. I was quite fascinated by the abstract quality in the design.

Wood engraving on Japanese paper 7″ x 5″

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Red Boat

George Innes seldom placed a human in his landscape paintings. But still there is always a sense of community. I realized that all my landscape paintings are also civilized one. They never be a wild scenery. Red boat! I will try to paint something wild. Can I do that? I live in a suburb not in a jungle.

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Morning light in early spring

Taking a walk early in the morning is wonderful. Especially in spring the air has still a crisp chill but anticipates the warm beautiful day. This is my favorite season in Charleston.

Acrylic on wooden panel. 12″ x 12″

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