Old family photographs

I was scanning our old family photographs a few days ago. Some people I know, some I don’t. There are so many of them and a quite few are over 100 years old. My goodness, will somebody look at me in a photograph 100 years later and wonder who I am? Anyway, I painted some of them and thought about those known and unknown people. When I was looking those images very carefully, very strange feeling stared in my mind. I almost could hear what they were talking about and see the way they were getting ready to be taken their images. I really thought that I heard the conversation between them and a photographer as well as the background sounds. If people can travel the time, this is the closest thing I can experienced.

Acrylic on watercolor board  8″ x 7 3/4″

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Whenever I do not know what to paint next, I have a tendency of taking out my fabrics with stripes. Especially blue one! Probably because I learned how to use colors and edges through striped material when I was a college student. You do not worry about anything but just follow the formula and before you know it, a painting is done. This magical feeling is what I am looking for .. I guess. I really do not know what to paint! I need to have some visual excitement!

Acrylic on watercolor board  7″ x 8″

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Tree Park

I painted so many images of the tree park where I take a walk just about everyday. The light and shadow change the appearance of the passage ways quite dramatically. Last time when I encountered the beautiful play of the light and shadow, I run back to my home and pick up my camera to capture the wonder of the nature.  But when I went back to the location, all are gone. Wow! I missed it! This is another image which I was lucky enough to capture and be able to recreate.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board   14.5″ x 6″

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A cup of tea

I brought back the good tea from Japan. We can buy almost anything here, but finding a good tea is next to impossible. I am enjoying a cup of my wonderful tea right now and posting this. I spend nice and quiet time this afternoon.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board   6″ x 5.5″

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We went to the Artists and Craftsman art store a couple weeks ago. This store always carry not only the art stuff but fun toys. I found this cute monkey. It also makes funny noise. I love it.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board  6.5″ x 4.5″

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I feel that this summer is hotter than last year. I am sure that I say the same thing every year, but it is hot here in SC. So I took out old Japanese cut-glass ware for summer use and planed to drink cold sake for evening enjoyment. But it’s transparent blue is so beautiful that I painted the set. My husband made me the white Russian instead. It worked, too!

I have not painted much these days. Now I am ready to start again. It will be fun.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board  7″ x 6.3″


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John’s marbles but actually nothing to do with them

I came back from Japan a few days ago. It was a short stay just to see my mother. When I wake up this morning I was not sure where I was. It could have been Pennsylvania, Illinois, or as the matter of fact London or Paris. I realized that I have been doing a traveler business for such a long time. Even though I lived in Charleston, SC for over 25 years, I do not feel like I settle down here yet. It is very strange feeling.

Now I am looking at my childhood photograph which I brought back with me, all memories suddenly came back and brought me back to the past. Time flies so fast. I thought that I was seventeen yesterday.

Acrylic on Watercolor board  3″ x 9 1/4″

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