Wood engraving

I am learning the technique for the wood engraving. At this point, I am in the mist. I do not know where I am nor where I am going. But at least I am having a fun. It will be great if I can take some workshops for printing itself.

wood engraving. 7″ x 5″

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Happy New Year

It is always good to start a new year. Even the air feels different..more crisper and fresher. I hope that this year will be full of adventure and fun…and a lot of art works.

Acrylic on Illustration board with the 23K gold leaf border.  5″ x 4″


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Fun painting

I hardly painted for last a few month. I was quite busy at school and did not feel like painting. Now I am full of energy and ready to tackle with what I was neglected to do.

7″ x 5″ Acrylic on Gessoed Board

I prepared 11 panels first and then started to think about what to paint. Then chickens came. It was very fun to paint those small images of chickens. I also am painting one landscape and one flower image. I love painting…. I am having fun.




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This year is ending soon. It was a busy one. Now I am anticipating what is waiting for me next year. I can not control my future but at least I like to do what I am hoping to accomplish…big ones and small ones.

Acrylic on gessoed board. 7″ x 5″

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My dream in November

I am dreaming myself being in a cabin in the middle of the snow-covered wildness. All roads are closed and nobody can come near my cabin. Enough food, tea, books and paints will be my only friends. No TV nor Wi-fi, just books and paints….and my cats. How wonderful it will be….. At least I am going to make a cup of tea now.

Acrylic on illustration board  10.5″ x 6″

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Autumn in South

Finally autumn is here. Every year when the fall festival comes, the cold weather comes with it. Children start wearing their colorful coats and add the vibrant colors in the neighborhood. Oh…yes…Soup season, too.

Acrylic on Gessoed board. 12″ x 12″

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Finally Fall

It was a long hot summer. I usually like summer, but not this year. Finally I felt fall today. I feel good. I am ready to play with colors again.

Acrylic on Illustration board  6″ x 7.5″

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