I start working on nature scenery beside landscape. This is a little sketch with acrylic. I need to go out and check out what is going on outside of my comfortable AC controlled room. But I will never be able to be an enthusiastic outdoor person. Watching the beauty of the nature on screen or at most in my backyard is my kind. But somebody recommended me to try the wildlife show, I need to figure out what I can do with the wild life surrounding me. My cats are totally domesticated and thinking they will be human beings when they grow up. My dogs are already thinking themselves as people. I might go to the nearby pond and take some pictures of ducks. But they are also very friendly and I do not see any wildness in them. May be I can fined some chikens!

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Scattered mind

I started a new painting as soon as I finished the one I posted yesterday. It is nice to have a husband who is off from his work during the summer and loves to cook. Thank you! I did not do anything but painting for past few days. Also I started cleaning my work area this morning. I found many odd things which I totally forgot about. This wood engraving block is one of those things. I stopped this image almost one year ago because I did not know what to do with it. Now I look at this block with rather detached eye and think finishing it. I also start working with digital drawing and sequential art. Also I am working on my web site for Central Pennsylvania art show which is all on-line. Wow I am multitasking! or rather scattered mind.

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Spolet was a fun show in Charleston, SC. Every person I met was delightful. But It is over. I am ready to move onto the new projects. Central Pensilvania show will start soon and I have not prepared anything yet. Since it is an online show, I am going to reopen my shop in my website and add my works today. If you have a time, please visit my website.

This is an image I have just finished this morning. It is colorful and happy painting. I will start a new still life today for this coming show. I also order some regingrave block for wood engraving. It will be a busy summer. I love it!

Acrylic on woodpanel 10″ x 10″

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When I was watching an old Hollywood movie, I was wondered to see a large caravan leading to the desert oasis. All kind of stuffs are carried by many porters and the main characters are just sit on the camels and have a wonderful cup of tea when they stop. I like that! I would like to go out and paint landscape outside if somebody carry all my stuff and prepare my tea and a slice of cake when I get tired. My landscape painting will be heavenly present. What am I dreaming about!!! I have only a week and a half till Spoleto Festival starts. Let’s keep working!

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More wood engraving

I was thinking about painting this image. But for a painting I like to use much horizontally longer panel. Unfortunately what I have is a bit too large. I should go to downtown and get the right panel. But the problem for this solution is that I do not like to drive on the highway nor sanding and painting gesso on the surface. So..instead…I went for the wood engraving. It can be much lighter, but it is done. Of course I had a fun…..But… I still like to paint this image! I have three choices right now. The first choice is paint on the right proportion panel but extremely large. The second is to compromise and paint on the different proportion. The third is go to down town and get it. I like the idea of painting on the right proportion. But it will be rain tomorrow and I still do not like to drive…..I am going to have a cup of tea.

Print on Kozo paper. 7″ x 5″

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Wood Engraving

I just finished this image. I am getting used to the printing process, but it is still not easy. I am not sure how deep I should curve or how it looks like when the image is printed. I guess the more I produce the images, the more I will know.

First of all, I was not sure what kind of paper is best for wood engravings. So I called Dick Blick and ask their advise. The person I talked with was very knowledgeable and advised me many good points. He recommended me a few paper for me to try, but I ended up purchasing over 10 different kind of paper. Most of paper are slightly different from each other. I do not have my favorite yet, though. I printed all afternoon yesterday. I destroyed so many paper until I got used to the process. Of course I did not use those good paper for the practice. I used the left-over paper for Japanese calligraphy. Now looking at this print, I think I did OK as a novice.

Wood Engraving on Japanese paper 7″ x 5″

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Oil Painting

I visited one of the antique store last week. But I was not looking for any particular items. It is always such a fun to check out all those odd things. Sometimes I do not know what I am looking at. Anyway I saw one of the most decorative but well done painting….actually a print. Beautiful colors and incredible brush strokes were there. Of course I bought it and studied the masterfully painted image. I started to feel like I need to try the way this artist painted. I took out one of the photos of the Gray Tower in PA. I changed the composition…well…just about everything and recreated this image. It was fun! I did not need to worry about the details or accuracy of what I was looking at. I just painted whatever I feel like.

For this type of painting the fast dry acrylic paints are not appropriate. So I took out my old oil paints hoping those are still OK. Then I remembered why I abandoned the oils and started to use the acrylics. The oils smells. I used the odorless solvent and hardly used medium, but my house smelled like painting factory. I need a good ventilation or extremely large studio.

Oil on wood panel 24″ x 12″

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Rainy Day

It rained all night. TV said that it will be raining all day today. My dogs are not happy about it, but it is a nice day for painting. I am going to challenge myself trying to use oil paints for the next painting. I have not used oils for years if not a decade. I need to check even my paints are still usable or not. It will be fun.

Acrylic on wooden panel. 9″ x 12″

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Starting Again

I did not realize how fast days flew away. A whole year disappeared. It is quite scary to know that I lost a whole YEAR! So I am back!

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We did not go anywhere for a while. We just stayed home like any other person in the world. But when the anticipation of Autumn is in the air, I feel like “it is a time, let’s go somewhere. Let’s check out something wonderful and eat something good!” I don’t have much courage to go to the crowded area yet, but walking in the woods would be inspiring.

Acrylic on wooden panes. 12″ x 12″


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