Sunday Morning


Some artist paint a circle and create very interesting image. I can not figure it out what makes some image interesting and some are not. Most likely those artists have sensitive observational skills and ability to communicate their inner core of their understandings. I am very envious toward the Artis who can keep creating the art works and evolving themselves.

Acrylic on Gessoed Board. 5″ x 5″

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Assam tea


I found the Assam tea a couple days ago. I have not seen this kind around here so I was very exited and purchased it. It is very strong and smooth..goes so well with cream and sugar. My mother loved this strong tea and I remembered talking about the different kind of teas with her. I am going to bake some scorns or cookies this afternoon and enjoy this flavorful tea with childhood memory.

Acrylic on supported board. 8″ x 10″

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1_8_19 web

I love to go somewhere. I do not know where. It can be Canada I think. I have never been there so I feel some mystery. It also can be South America. But it might be dangerous. So let’s close out there. I do not like small island, therefore slightly larger one like Ireland? I am having a cup of Scottish breakfast tea in the early early morning and dreaming about my vacation which will be fun. But my reality is that new semester will start this coming Monday and need to get busy.

Acrylic on supported board. 8″ x 8″

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Happy New Year


Many people posted beautiful sunrise pictures on the instagram. I enjoyed all those magnificent photographs. I always admire people who go to their special places and welcome the New Year. I stayed at home, filled the bird feeder, and exchanged the greetings with little birdies. I hope that it will be another quiet year with a lot of paintings.

Acrylic on supported board.  5″ x 7″


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New Year


Another year is almost gone. It was not so delightful one. There were so much natural disasters all over the world and we could not do much about them. I am hoping and praying that this coming year will be peaceful and wonderful for all of us.

I am waiting for Spring!


Acrylic on Supported board.   5″ x 5″


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Beautiful morning

12_26_18 blog

I filled up the bird feeders and water my plants this morning. I also sprayed this image with varnish and took it’s photo. It is such a beautiful day. I am moving very slow whatever I do. Why do I have to hurry doing anything in such a wonderful sunny morning? I am going to make a cup of tea and eat a slice of cake from last night…and then I will go outside and see if the daffodils are coming out for the early spring display.


Acrylic on Supported Board.  6″ x 5″

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Christmas Tree

When I was a little girl, my father brought back a Christmas tree and talked about the Santa. It was a long long time ago in Japan. We were Buddhists and not much to do with the Christmas tree. But it did not stop my father from showing pretty thing to his daughter….me! We all decorated the tree together and admired the beautiful and colorful lights. It was such a beautiful memory. When I paint those colorful ornaments, this memory always comes back and make me smile. This might be the reason why I paint so many ornaments….especially this year.

Acrylic on gessoed board. 5″ x 7″


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