Acrylic paints

I went to the local art store a few month ago. I do not remember what was the reason I was there for. But I found so many acrylic paints from many unknown companies. I am sure there are quite famous, but I seldom check the new products, so I do not know anything about them. Anyway I was excited and purchase many tubes…some of them are not even in tube…. plastic bags?  When I was cleaning my work area yesterday I found those totally forgotten acrylics. Awesome! I am going to play with them today.

Acrylic on wood panel. 8″ x 6″

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From Debbie

My friend Debbie gave me her grandmother’s glass.  I am not sure if this glass is wine glass, vintage champaign glass, or something else. But it sure is pretty. I was shaken with joy when I found those beautiful glasses in a package from her. Thank you Debbie. I finally found the doily for this glass and painted the first version.

Acrylic on wood panel. 6″ x 8″

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Christmas in south

I have just received a letter notifying me the cancelation of “Christmas in South” Show. This is unavoidable cancellation. But each time I receive the letter of this kind, I just shake my head and try not to be sad. This year turned out to be tough one for everybody.

8″ x 6″   Acrylic on Wood Panel

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Spring of the eternal youth

This is the line mapping for my next wood engraving. I tried to simplify my original sketch, but I do not think that I know what the simplification means. Now I am engraving this…and the scary thing is I am enjoying the intricate lines.

When I am curving those skinny lines, I think about a lot of things. Most of the time I think about the values and textures. Sometimes I walk down my memory lane and think about people I know and met. It will be fun if I can meet them in the spring of the eternal youth and go over our new path again.


Ink on paper      7″ x 5″

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I made a video about the glazing with the acrylic paints for my painting class. It was a quite challenge to me. But I thought it turned out to be OK. When I tried to post the video to my class site, I realized it was too large…..My painting had been already glazed. …”Oh, No!!!” I hit my cheeks with both of my hands like a boy in the Christmas movie. I needed a new underpainting for glazing demo. So I painted another achromatic image for my second video. But this time I became a little brighter, I made my video in two segments. ….But one of them turned out to be still too long! I really needed a strong cup of tea and a big slice of fruit cake. Anyway, I did the third try with the second image which was already glazed…and done!

This is the first image for my glazing video. I am learning….slowly…but learning. It is a good thing I believe.

Acrylic on wood panel   6″ x 6″

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Wood Engraving

I enjoy the wood engraving. The process itself has some magical effect on me. I need to convert the image into the black and white combinations. Thickness, directions, and length of the lines create all kind of values and textures. That is quite different from pen and ink drawing. Instead of just draw and see what happens attitude, I need to plan two or three steps ahead almost like playing a chess game. It is probably because I am a baby printmaker and do not have much experience. I have much to learn about this new media.

I also have a big challenge. I do not have a clue about the printing itself. I know at least what kind of paper do not work, because they did not work when I printed. I am in quest to find the right paper for me. Unfortunately, because of the current situation, I can not go to the Artist and Craftsman art supply store and pick up several different paper. I tried all different paper I have at home but they are not quite good enough. I like to try thin but strong Japanese paper next.

Wood Engraving   6.25″ x 5″

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Drawing for Wood Engraving

I painted this image with acrylic long time ago. I liked the composition so I decided to recreate the same image with wood engraving. As the first step, I flipped the image and recreated the image with ink. It was kind of hard to create the image with only black and white. The grays would be manipulated with the density and thickness of lines. But I need to have this value mapping in front of me when I curve. Of course the value patterns will change, but at least I have some guide lines.

Last night..until 2 o’clock in the morning…and all day today I worked on the wood. I am obsessed! But I do not know when I can finish this.

ink on paper 6.25″ x 4.75″

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I placed three old glass Christmas Ornaments in the antique green bawl. They are beautiful together. But the metal part of the ball is rather heavy and three balls do not like to start up right. When I try to take a picture, they turn around and the metal parts go down. It was quite hard to keep like the way I painted.

Acrylic on Gessoed board. 7″ x 5″

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New Marble

It is a beautiful day. I can not believe that we need to be inside of the house. But even I who go out and check out everything stay home. The only time I go out is to buy something. I got a mountain of food today and a case of beer! We are going to work on our back yard when the sun is getting down. The mosquitos are not out yet…so perfect time! Then we go to our screened pouch and drink some beer. We are going to make our limited life as fun as possible…Oh! I just got a new marble. It is slightly larger than others but very pretty. It will show up in my painting a lot in the future.


Acrylic on gessoed board. 5″ x 7″

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Christmas in South

We are staying home more than 10 days. Since all classes became on line, it was a very busy week to take care of the transitions. Finally everything started to settle down and I find a little time to finish this image. We are not sure if the Piccolo Spoleto Festival show will be held this year or not. But I just found out I will be in the Christmas in South show. So I am going to start painting many Christmas Ornaments now on. Someone asked me before if I get bored to paint same objects. To me all paintings are different and I enjoy painting any thing shiny.

Acrylic on gessoed board. 7″ x 5″

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