Small painting …..Wisteria


I painted this image before and gave it to my mother. But I really liked this composition … so I painted again. I realized that the same image is not necessary same. Since I painted this image for first time, my thinking process changed quite a lot.

I used to paint rather large paintings. It took a quite while to finish one painting and bored myself because I was looking at the same image for a long time. Maybe that is one of the many reasons I did not paint so often. Since I started to paint the smaller images, painting became much fun and a part of my life again. My decision making becomes much quicker and I am not afraid of creating unsuccessful images. I can start a new painting and finish it in the same day. If the image is not working then I can try again. See what will happen tomorrow. I no longer remember who suggested me to paint an image a day… probably Judy. But it was the best advise I have ever listened.

Acrylic on Illustration Board  6.75″ x 5″

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