John’s glass marbles 3


It is beautiful today. It is a little cold but sunny. I feel like Spring is almost here. I heard on TV that the hard winter is still affecting many people in the north. But it was and is very mild in the south this year and I feel like we skipped the real winter. If I say something like this, the really cold day may come…hope not!

I have just finished the last of John’s marble paintings. His glass marbles are so beautiful and I enjoy painting the incredible transparent colors. I heard that he is making more beautiful marbles.  I hope I can paint those new ones too!

I have already prepared the paper for new landscape drawing, stretched and pasted onto my drawing table. Since I used the photo for those marble paintings that this time I am going to draw all from my memory. I remembered the beautiful landscape in England, I try to draw first and then if the drawing goes well I like to try as a painting.

Unfortunately today is not for neither drawing nor painting. I have so much grading to take care of as well as  miscellaneous business related works. So I hope that I could finish all school works and the others today and tomorrow and start the new image next week. I love to have a secretary.

Acrylic on Illustration Board  6″ x 8″


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