Climbing Roses


The background color of this painting is dark green. I was fixing with Photoshop, but I changed my mind. When I started to tweak the image, something else always go wrong. So black is it.

I worked in my backyard today. It is a mess. Since spring is almost here. I need to work hard and prepare for the blooming season. This winter was so warm that my climbing roses are just about ready to bloom. When the hurricane hit us last fall, we needed to cut a large tree and trim back this climbing rose. We were kind of worried about the blooms. But it is full of buds now. It will be beautiful.

Compared with the apple flowers I posted today, this climbing rose is hard to paint. It will be good if I paint the tree from distance, but small and multi petal flower with white color does not have gayety for zooming up image I think. May be I should light up the tree at night and see what will happen.


Acrylic on Illustration Board  7.5″ x 12″

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