Wood Engraving

I just finished this image. I am getting used to the printing process, but it is still not easy. I am not sure how deep I should curve or how it looks like when the image is printed. I guess the more I produce the images, the more I will know.

First of all, I was not sure what kind of paper is best for wood engravings. So I called Dick Blick and ask their advise. The person I talked with was very knowledgeable and advised me many good points. He recommended me a few paper for me to try, but I ended up purchasing over 10 different kind of paper. Most of paper are slightly different from each other. I do not have my favorite yet, though. I printed all afternoon yesterday. I destroyed so many paper until I got used to the process. Of course I did not use those good paper for the practice. I used the left-over paper for Japanese calligraphy. Now looking at this print, I think I did OK as a novice.

Wood Engraving on Japanese paper 7″ x 5″

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