Oil Painting

I visited one of the antique store last week. But I was not looking for any particular items. It is always such a fun to check out all those odd things. Sometimes I do not know what I am looking at. Anyway I saw one of the most decorative but well done painting….actually a print. Beautiful colors and incredible brush strokes were there. Of course I bought it and studied the masterfully painted image. I started to feel like I need to try the way this artist painted. I took out one of the photos of the Gray Tower in PA. I changed the composition…well…just about everything and recreated this image. It was fun! I did not need to worry about the details or accuracy of what I was looking at. I just painted whatever I feel like.

For this type of painting the fast dry acrylic paints are not appropriate. So I took out my old oil paints hoping those are still OK. Then I remembered why I abandoned the oils and started to use the acrylics. The oils smells. I used the odorless solvent and hardly used medium, but my house smelled like painting factory. I need a good ventilation or extremely large studio.

Oil on wood panel 24″ x 12″

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