I made a video about the glazing with the acrylic paints for my painting class. It was a quite challenge to me. But I thought it turned out to be OK. When I tried to post the video to my class site, I realized it was too large…..My painting had been already glazed. …”Oh, No!!!” I hit my cheeks with both of my hands like a boy in the Christmas movie. I needed a new underpainting for glazing demo. So I painted another achromatic image for my second video. But this time I became a little brighter, I made my video in two segments. ….But one of them turned out to be still too long! I really needed a strong cup of tea and a big slice of fruit cake. Anyway, I did the third try with the second image which was already glazed…and done!

This is the first image for my glazing video. I am learning….slowly…but learning. It is a good thing I believe.

Acrylic on wood panel   6″ x 6″

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