Wood Engraving

I enjoy the wood engraving. The process itself has some magical effect on me. I need to convert the image into the black and white combinations. Thickness, directions, and length of the lines create all kind of values and textures. That is quite different from pen and ink drawing. Instead of just draw and see what happens attitude, I need to plan two or three steps ahead almost like playing a chess game. It is probably because I am a baby printmaker and do not have much experience. I have much to learn about this new media.

I also have a big challenge. I do not have a clue about the printing itself. I know at least what kind of paper do not work, because they did not work when I printed. I am in quest to find the right paper for me. Unfortunately, because of the current situation, I can not go to the Artist and Craftsman art supply store and pick up several different paper. I tried all different paper I have at home but they are not quite good enough. I like to try thin but strong Japanese paper next.

Wood Engraving   6.25″ x 5″

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