I have been away from drawing and painting for a while. I read a lot of history books and enjoyed the past. Now December is here. I am totally rejuvenated and ready to start painting again. It is kind of nice not think about what I usually do and do something what I usually don’t.

Watercolor is not one of my favorite media. It is very not forgiven medum for me. Since I love to fix the image as the picture develops, it is frustrating for me to plan the process beforehand. But I tried something new, which is this image. I am sure that I can keep adding the values, but I need to stop for my sanity together. Now I am going to paint with acrylic….flowers or something transparent. I am really back.

5″ x 7″ Watercolor on paper

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  1. Welcome back Setsuko!! I love your street musician!!!


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