It is hard to decide what to paint. I usually scratch my head and mutter something. I always have a hard time what to do next. But this time it was easier for me to put together this still life. This is all because of the accident which happened a few weeks ago. When I was cleaning the gutter, I fell from the top of the ladder. I am usually a very careful person. But the sudden thunder and lightning took my balance off from me. Fortunately I fell on the hibiscus bush/tree and was saved from breaking any bones… just bruises and scratches. Of course unfortunate hibiscus lost many brunches and flowers. Any way I stayed in my bed the rest of the day thinking …. if I were a kid this never happened… and thinking about my mother. It does not matter how old people become, sometimes we all need our mothers. So, I selected my mother’s pearl necklaces and a queen like figurine, which is always kept on my desk top. I feel like she controls all my everyday desktop chores. If my mother sees this, I am sure she will be amused and laugh at me.

Acrylic on board 12″ x 12″

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