Yesterday I prepared several rather large wood panels. This 24″ x 18″ was one of them. It is supported rather thick support and very nice panel, but the surface was extremely rough for me. It needed to be sanded down for quite long time. When I was doing this boring process, the sun was shining on me and warm wind was heavenly talking to me. It was Spring and is Spring outside right now. I decided to paint flowers on this panel.

As the first step I like to cover the entire surface with the some medium value color with the basic map of the image. I do not like to see white background seeing through every time I place the color. White always create the dramatic contrast with any hues and deceive my eye. But I regret a little selecting Blue Green for the base color because Blue usually sneaking up the layers and makes the final image rather gloomy. Now I need to be very careful. I am going to work on this image today and see what will happen.

Acrylic wood panel. 24″ x 18

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