Christmas show

“Christmas made in the South” show is coming soon. I was not sure if this show will be held this year because of the indoor setting. Since I received this information, I am a kind of in panic.I do not have enough works to fill up my booth. I need to make some Christmas cards. I need to frame. I need..I need..I have a lot of cup of tea to settle down. I will be OK!

This image is very similar to the previous post. But this is a little larger than the one before. All objects I painted here are slightly larger than actual sizes. When you draw or paint realistically any objects larger than the actual dimensions, it suddenly becomes very difficult. It takes usually one or two days to paint this type of image. It took four days for me to finish this. I am going to set a new still life with Christmas ornaments today. I am probably trying to make the dimension larger again. I should get used to paint larger!

Acrylic on wood panel 8″ x 10″

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