Casein paints

I painted this image with Casein paints. Casein is the milk based paints. I have never used this before simply because I never knew such a thing existing. My friend Judy called me a couple month ago and told me there would be a competition for Casein paintings. I pay $50 for this entry and they send me a set of paints, paper, and brushes. OK I thought, it would be fun. Since I was busy…I always have an excuse….I did not touch these paints until I read the e-mail notifying me the deadline would be in a few days. OK I thought again and started to paint as I usually do with acrylic. Since I did not like the paper they sent me, I replace it with my favorite multi media board. Until I used this Casein I thought all paints in tubes are not much different. I was wrong! This paints do not have much elasticity and just chalky! Judy told me that the Casein medium will help a bit. I do not think so! I used just water to thin down the paints so that I can apply to the paper surface.

After a bagful of my complaining, I realized my fault. Since the tubes are quite large, I automatically believed that this paints should be applied like acrylic or oil. But if I used this like using water color or gouache, then this would have worked much better. Anyway I finished the casein painting. Oh!…the finished painting surface and paints are so mat…I sprayed the varnish. Colors became darker and deeper than not using the spray.


Casein on illustration board.  7″ x 7 5/8″

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