Antique Auction

I started to go to the antique and vintage auctions these days. The specific one I go lasts just about all day. There are so many interesting objects. Gradually I started to talk with some people who are usually the antique dealers. They are very kind and bored, and often give me much information about everything. This is better than going to school I think…anyway, I purchased quite a lot of things in this auction. Most of them are absolutely no use for everyday life but fun to see. This glass candle holder is one of the pair I purchased a couple weeks ago. It is not old but Irish crystal and very pretty. After I painted this image, I do not know what to do with it. I just need to paint more with this.

I also bought a hundred and fifty years old tea cup and plates. I guess three or four generations of family members cherished this set and now I am lucky enough to admire this beauty in my hand. This tea cup was made in England February 1871 and carried to Charleston, and now in a hand of a Japanese painter….interesting!


Acrylic on Illustration Board.  8″ x 12″

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