My realism

I dreamed of painting the images with powerful brushstrokes for a long time. But finally I became a peace with my very realistic approach because brushstrokes are not for my way of painting. I think that I am an illustrator rather than a painter. I like to talk about something through my painting. It sounds a bit strange when you see my bottles and marbles. But I am always chattering about something … like “Look at this blue bottle….Can you see the blue light through the bottle hitting the red marble and changed its color to violet? Or can you see the reflection of the stripes on everything? Look at a marble which is ready to roll off the picture plane. What I like to talk about is usually not significantly anything, but just small chattering. I realized that I do not like anybody to admire the brushstrokes, instead look at all details and listen to my chattering or contemplations. My goodness, I am a talker.

This is my little secret garden. I usually do not like a wildness, rather like the civilized nature…or garden. The landscape image I like to paint is not a reality….somehow surrealistic. The image between the reality and dream is the most interesting subject matter to talk about. What am I talking about in this image? No birds are singing…No air is moving….no indication of the time of the day….total quietness….not lonely…not sad nor happy…..just standing there and feeling a total contemplation with life itself.

Acrylic on Illustration Board.  10 3/4″ x 7 3/4”

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