Old family photographs

I was scanning our old family photographs a few days ago. Some people I know, some I don’t. There are so many of them and a quite few are over 100 years old. My goodness, will somebody look at me in a photograph 100 years later and wonder who I am? Anyway, I painted some of them and thought about those known and unknown people. When I was looking those images very carefully, very strange feeling stared in my mind. I almost could hear what they were talking about and see the way they were getting ready to be taken their images. I really thought that I heard the conversation between them and a photographer as well as the background sounds. If people can travel the time, this is the closest thing I can experienced.

Acrylic on watercolor board  8″ x 7 3/4″

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1 Response to Old family photographs

  1. Eelco says:

    A very delicate subject. Delicately painted! Beautiful.


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