When I was a little kid, my mother bought me a toy garden. It consisted of a lot of different plants, flowers, and all other garden necessities. It was quite delicate and detailed. The flower parts are separated from green stem parts. I could attach any flowers to any plants. I have not seen this beautiful and rather sophisticated toys in anywhere. As the matter of fact, as far as I know, I was the only child who had this toy in my neighborhood. I was kind of obsessed by this garden for a quite long time. By press the center of the flat plants with the needle type tool into the hole of the ground, it stand up and ready to accept the flower parts.  There were at least twenty different flowers and shrubs. The hollyhocks were my favorite tall flowers in my little garden. I always planted…placed the hollyhocks next to the fence and then somehow placed the tulips in front. Then place the rose bush. Of course one side is with yellow flowers and the other with pink. There were also small bricks which was probably a half of the finger nail size. They could be used to border the flower bed or walk way. It was such a beautiful garden I created. It is very strange to recall such a long time ago memory….much more than a half century ago.  The Hollyhock became a time machine and sent me back to be a seven years old kid again.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board   5″ x 6.25″

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