Oil and Acrylic paints


I love the oil paints. The oil creates most wonderful juicy and creamy images. Especially the edges of the images are soft and well blended into the background. I dream of myself painting with oil and create the incredible landscape or still life with the illusion of mass and its surrounding air. Unfortunately at this point I can not do it. Of course I try, time to time, to challenge myself, but I mix the paints too much. Also I do not have a patience for waiting the paints to dry.

I also have the issues with acrylic. Which means I guess that I need more practice. But I gradually manipulate this fast dry media into my way of painting. Since last spring, I have used the soft acrylic paints with the air brush medium. This combination allows me to play with the colors for longer time compared with the regular acrylic paints. I still need to work on the brilliant plastic colors….

Acrylic on Illustration Board  9″ x 6.5″

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2 Responses to Oil and Acrylic paints

  1. gorgeous! I love how the eye goes back to the lighting in the trees…..beautiful job!


  2. Setsuko says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words.


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