Winter glass


When I grow up in Japan, there was no AC system in the ordinary house. I do not think they still do not have those like US. People wear many sweaters and thick socks in winter, and use the sectional heater instead of warming up the entire house. I still remember when  I woke up middle of the night, I saw my breath turned into the white mist. Of course I was in my bed. In hot summer, since we can not take off all clothing, people try to control the environment without those incredible AC. I mean that they make the house appear to be cool. They use the white lacy fabrics for the decoration. The goldfish motifs are used for many things. The plates for the dinner are replaced with transparent glass dishes. Why I am writing these reminiscence is that I thought about my glass wind charm. The one I used to hung was the small transparent and very delicate round shape with goldfish patterns on it. Just looking at it make me cool.

When I saw the glass bottles I just finished painting, these are definitely winter glass. It is very strange that one painting bring me back to my childhood memory.

Acrylic on Illustration Board  6 1/4″ x 7″

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