Inside or Outside


It is great to paint outside looking at wonder of nature. I can hear the birds singing and wind hitting my face. The painting becomes a reflection of what and how I feel while moving my brush. But reality is quite different from what I think best for me. I can not concentrate in the open area. Bugs love me. I do not like to carry so much stuffs which I need to paint outside. I can not have a tea time with my beautiful china in AC controlled room. I am destine to paint inside. But someday when I am courageous I will go out and try my best.

Canvas 26″ x 8″ Oil

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3 Responses to Inside or Outside

  1. Beautiful painting Setsuko! Come paint en plein aire with me this summer in Oennsylvania


  2. Lee says:

    Hi Setsuko. The reflections of trees and sunlight are beautiful. Also enjoyed your commentary contrasting the scene with the realities of painting in the scene.


  3. Me says:

    So soft and inviting. 👏👏🔺


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